Recipe Wins

Ok, so I really am a little ashamed to dedicate a whole page to the only recipe contest I have entered. But....I don't plan to keep this list so short & I believe you gotta go BIG or go home so I'm gonna own this page and KNOW that it will fill in fast!! YEA!!!

2nd Place in the Annual Kumquat Festival - Kumquat Cutie Ice Cream
The next picture is not truly necessary to the movement of this page. The fact that my father also entered this contest it isn't even relevant to the kumquat contest itself. But what is relevant & necessary to discuss is how epically competitive I am with my father.  Oh yea, I am. Can't deny it.  I can raise one eye brow as an adult only because my father could do it and I couldn't.  As a child it was simply intolerable that I couldn't do something he could do.  Simply intolerable I tell you!  So I spent a month holding one eye brow down to train my muscles to do it. Seriously! What 5 year old kid had that kind of long term determination?

 Lets zoom in just a bit here ....what is that? Does it say place? Like as in 3RD?????

Why yes, I believe it does!! My oh my. Fancy that.  Ok, enough gloating.
For now.

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  1. Rachel, Your eyebrow story is hilarious. Now every time I look at your eyebrows my admiration for your dedication will increase. ~Dawn